Hi There,

In this loud, buzzy and fast-changing online world, ever feel there lacks a place for 13 million Asian women in the North America to have safe conversations on things that intimately matter to us? If you see this gap and hope for the better, I’d like to invite you to take the lead with me in driving the change.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Leslie Chen, a 30-year-old gal who studied and worked in US and Europe and finally settled down in New York as a professional and an “entrepreneur in progress.” I love Chinatown food and sometimes overdose on pizza. About a year ago, a small team of us started Rose Alley, an online magazine for empowering young Asian women.

Gradually, Rose Alley has gained momentum. Now after more clearly defining its goal and vision, it’s transforming itself into a community where we facilitate Asian women to start meaningful conversations, amplify their voice, and find role models.

To us, this community for Asian women by Asian women is a breakthrough on the history of internet. Too often we see ourselves lost in differences caused by our cultural identity. For countless times, we find them translating into life’s limits and barriers – when we apply to the Ivy League schools on discriminative terms, promote ourselves at work, see Hollywood white-washing our culture, feel disturbed by the yellow fever fetish, and struggle at even just being ourselves.

If these aren’t enough, in a 2007 UCLA Study, Asian women reported lower satisfaction with their bodies than women of African, European, or Hispanic backgrounds.

According to findings at the University of Washington, US born Asian American women have contemplated suicide the most among Americans across gender and ethnicity groups.

When the society reminds us of a bamboo ceiling in addition to the glass ceiling, our sense of exclusion surges as our heart sinks. Yes, Hillary Clinton may become the president of the US and break the glass ceiling for women. But who’s going to break the other one for us? Anyone care?

The truth is you care, I care, and the millions of us care. Think of us, our sisters and daughters, there are too many questions to be answered.

In fact, when I reached out to Arianna Huffington about the idea of Rose Alley and the social changes we were driving for Asian women, besides the encouraging words, she immediately showed her support:  a premium contribution seat on Huffington Post –  look, the rest of the world wants to hear about and from us. They want to stand up for us…but only when we make the iron efforts to turn the tide and move the mountains.

And Rose Alley is all about gathering what each of us have and turning them into collective wisdom for that to happen, by allowing us to:

  • Learn about our culture and feel proud about how damn good it is;
  • speak our mind in this safe domain built for unity, freedom of thinking, and youthful vitality; and
  • find, follow, and become role models to make an impact.

This community is young, ambitious and vibrant – just like you, me, and the millions of us. Now, I’m inviting you to take the lead and be the torchbearer with me in making history AND future.

Why you? What can you do?

You have a world of stories and inspiration within you that can light up the universe of others. Therefore, I want to invite you to:

1) Join Rose Alley, put down your name with us, and become a member by rosecribing below

2) Post on Rose Alley here, put down your name with us, and share your wisdom, stories and experience to let your crowd recognize you;

3) Tell your friends and family about us; and even better:

4) Take a leadership role at Rose Alley, join the Rose Alley Editorial Committee, participate in shaping our core message and building a brand that takes the breath of the world away.  The Editorial Committee is our think tank of our content development and branding strategies.

If you are interested in joining our mission and applying for your seat on the Editorial Committee, please answer a few simple questions here, and I look forward to connecting with you about your vision and passion.

Thank you.

Leslie Chen

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Rose Alley, Inc.


P.S. If you are not familiar with Rose Alley yet, here is a peek of our coverage on Asian culture, role model & influencer interviews, self-development and well-being related topics. Going forward, we’ll have more exciting influencer rendez-vous and discussions in the pipeline.


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